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    Kai-Zen Program

    Kai-Zen is a strategy that helps you maintain your current lifestyle with an index life insurance policy that provides death benefits in the event of a chronic illness, premature death, or to potentially supplement your retirement savings. Protecting your ability to earn is critical to insuring that you will be able to save for retirement. Due to limitations, traditional retirement plans are typically insufficient for high income earners. If you want the potential to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, you need a proactive strategy to that puts more money toward helping to protect your future without putting a drain on your current finances.

    Kai-Zen is one of the ONLY strategies that uses leverage to help you acquire more of the insurance benefits you need to financially protect you and your family. Kai-Zen’s unique fusion of financing and life insurance offers you more death benefit and helps supplement retirement more than you could without leverage.

    Kai-Zen Features and Benefits

    Death Benefit Protection
    A cash value life insurance policy with accelerated benefit riders can provide benefits in the case of:

    • Death (Generally paid to beneficiaries income tax free)
    • Chronic Illness (Assistance with daily living, bathing, eating, dressing, transferring, etc.)
    • Terminal Illness (Illness where death is expected within 12-24 months. Term varies by state.)

    Life insurance requires qualification through health and financial

    Cash Value Accumulation

    • Build your policy’s cash value based on the growth of a market index (Interest credited based on market index or a fixed rate)
    • Cash value and indexed interest earned are never at risk to market loss (Due to declines in an index)
    • Tax deferred growth potential
    • Access to cash value (Policy loans and withdraws can be used to supplement retirement income or other financial needs)

    The most unique and compelling aspect of the Kai-Zen strategy is that the executive’s contributions are leveraged 3:1.

    How the Kai-Zen Strategy Works

    A life insurance policy is jointly funded by the executive and bank financing. The bank financing provides approximately 60-75% of the total premiums to the policy.

    Now executives can realize benefits far beyond what their annual contributions alone could afford them.

    The Use of Leverage

    The concept is not much different than using a bank mortgage to leverage assets to purchase a home. Money is borrowed to buy more house (or with Kai-Zen, more benefits) than one could purchase with assets on hand. The amount funded into the policy has the potential for market growth without the risk of market losses due to declines in an index and uses the policy’s cash value as the sole collateral for the loan.

    Years 1-5
    During the first 5 years, the participant contributes their portion and the lender finances the additional premiums into the insurance policy.

    Years 6-10
    After year 5, the participant’s obligation is projected to be complete and the lender makes the remaining premium payments.

    Years 11-15
    During this time, the policy has the potential to accumulate more value and the lender’s note is projected to be satisfied approximately by the end of the 15th year.

    Years 16 and beyond
    Potential policy cash value accumulation is projected for distributions for lifestyle needs such as supplemental retirement income.


    Videos About Kai-Zen


    Kai-Zen Executives
    Executive Benefit from using leverage with Kai-Zen

    Physician Retirement Solution
    Physicians can boost their retirement with Kai-Zen

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      Legacy Lock

      Legacy Lock Program

      We combined a team of technology experts with Expert Estate Planning attorneys to create a new technology to bring Comprehensive Estate Plans to everyone.  Thousands of hours went into creation of these documents and the software platform to make it so easy, anyone can do it.

      Our unique technology enables you to easily complete your attorney drafted documents conveniently from the comfort of your home or office.

      No appointments or waiting to see an attorney. The entire process can be completed quickly online. Answer simple interview questions and through the power of our technology your plan will be ready to download and print.

      There are numerous value added benefits with our technology including a secure document vault with military grade encryption. This virtual “safety deposit box” is available for you online 24/7. Add, update, or remove documents from your vault anytime and anywhere.

      Your customized Estate Plan Portfolio provides peace of mind, by knowing that you are in control. You make the important decisions rather than leaving it up to chance (and unnecessary expense & loss of privacy) of the government probate court system

      Plan now and protect what’s yours. Save your family unnecessary stress, expenses, and exposure. Secure your legacy today.

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